Amir Khan To Fight Chris Algieri

Amir Khan will fight Chris Algieri on May 30. Good pick or bad move? From a fan’s perspective, this is probably one of the worst picks he could have made. There were far more intriguing choices: Miguel Cotto, Adrien Broner, or Kell Brook.

But from Khan’s perspective, this appears brilliant. First, Algieri was undefeated until late last year when he faced off against Manny Pacquiao. Conventional wisdom would say that if he was good enough to face Pacquiao, then he’s good enough to face Khan. You also cannot fault him for losing to Pacman. This was also probably the easiest fight to win ensuring that he’s still in the running against either Mayweather  or Pacquiao next.

But I have to take the opposite viewpoint. I’m tired of seeing Khan take the easy way out. He should have been out there demanding a rematch against either Danny Garcia or Lamont Peterson to avenge his losses. Instead, those two fighters are out there going up against each other next week. Or he could have gotten Broner or prove he’s the best from the UK and take on Brook. Either way, he’s using up the best years of his life taking the easier fights

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