Manny Pacquiao Risking Injury Before Floyd Mayweather Fight

Pacquiao_-_PBA-Kia_Sorento_playerFor years Manny Pacquiao fans have been dying to see him take on Floyd Mayweather inside the squared circle. Although the fight was officially announced last week, that doesn’t mean the fight will actually take place. If either fighter were to face an injury, the fight would be cancelled.

Unfortunately for those long-time Pacquiao fans, their fighter refuses to take any precautions in the weeks leading up to the bout.

Pacquiao, a lifelong basketball fan, is currently the player/coach for Kia Carnival, a professional basketball team in one of Philippines’ top leagues. Pacman has already participated in one game after the fight was announced, and he plans to participate in at least one more before flying to the United States to train for Mayweather.

“I know what I’m doing,” Pacquiao said, according to BBC Sport.

Fans who are dying to see the Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout have to cringe at the idea of seeing 5’6″ Pacquiao go up against somebody who’s 7-foot-tall on the hardwood. There is no guarantee that Pacquiao won’t get injured. Furthermore, who’s to say Mayweather won’t pay off a player on the opposing team to purposely try to hurt Pacquiao?

When Pacquiao signed on the dotted line to fight Mayweather, he should have immediately hit the gym with long-time trainer Freddie Roach in preparation for the mega-fight. Pacquiao’s fight against Mayweather is the most important event of his life, and it deserves his full attention. Not only will he make millions against Mayweather, a victory would cement his place in boxing history as a top 10 fighter of all time.

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  1. I don’t think Pacman can win this fight. He’s still a top quality fighter but he is not as sharp as he was 5-6 years ago when he was in his prime. I think Mayweather wins this one on points via a unanimous decision over the 12 stanza’s. I feel he will be too strong and slick for Manny.

    I’m a Pacman fan but the fact is he’s gone backwards as a fighter in recent years while Mayweather has maintained his status as the top pound for pound boxer in the sport by remaining unbeaten against some very dangerous fighters.

    I don’t like Mayweather as a person but the fact remains is that he is one of the best defensive fighters that has ever lived. He has to be given his due because he is very crafty and very slick. His 47-0 record (suffering only one knockdown along the way) is a remarkable achievement for someone who has been a pro for nearly 20 years.

    I hope I’m wrong about my prediction though because I’d love to see Pacman win, he is such a nice guy and a credit to the sport. The same cannot be said for Mayweather whose behaviour outside the ring has often been atrocious.

    Anyway, I hope the fight lives up to the hype and the fans get their money’s worth, all $41,000 of it!

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