Manny Pacquiao Prepares for Loss to Floyd Mayweather, Sells Official Website

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are finally going to fight! That’s according to TMZ, as well as other sources who have been reporting for weeks that the fight was close to being finalized.

Fans of Pacquiao won’t like to read this, but I have reason to believe that Pacquiao has taken the fight purely for the money he’s bound to make. Just hours before the fight against Mayweather was made official, Pacquiao’s lawyers put his official website,, on the market.

To view the listing for Pacquiao’s website, visit the website marketplace,, or simply click here.

I must make it clear that I did not sign a confidentiality agreement, therefore I guess I cannot be 100 percent sure that this listing is actually for Pacquiao’s official website. However, the listing does read, “This athlete has been making headlines recently as it is likely he will participate in one of the biggest sporting events of all time.” Obviously that statement clearly describes Manny Pacquiao and his fight against Money May.

Furthermore, if you punch into and compare rankings, you’ll see that they are identical.

What makes it even more odd is the fact that Pacquiao and his team are selling 75 percent of controlling interest of Pacquiao’s official website. The new majority owner will be free to sell all of the overpriced merchandise currently on Pacquiao’s official website.

It’s bizarre to me that Pacquiao doesn’t even care to hold onto 50 percent of his official website. He’s only going to keep 25 percent of his own internet brand.

For years on and other boxing websites I have said that Pacquiao will defeat Mayweather if/when they were to ever meet. But not I have to admit that my confidence in Pacman has gone down, since he doesn’t seem to have much confidence in himself.

When I stumbled across the listing for Pacquiao’s official website, I was stunned. I’ve been an avid supporter of Pacman, and hopefully he’s just trying to sell the website for as much as he can while his name is sure to lead sports headlines leading up to his May 2nd fight against Mayweather. However, it is somewhat suspicious that he would choose to sell his official website before the fight, when the value would surely increase if he was the first person to defeat Money May.

As many of the MyBoxing readers already know, I have been on hiatus from the site for quite some time, but I had to share this news with everyone. If you would like to see back with a full staff of writers, please show your support by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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