Canelo Alvarez Exposed: Floyd Mayweather Still Overrated

Dear Canelo Alvarez,

What the hell were you thinking? Did you seriously think you were going to outbox Floyd Mayweather?

I guess I’m not sure how they do things in Mexico, but here in the United States of America – we play to our strengths. Since you are naturally bigger and stronger than Money May MAYBE it would have been a good idea to fight on the inside.

You did know you were boxing and not playing follow the leader, right? It looked like your game plan was to follow Mayweather around the ring like a magnet. I guess nobody ever taught you how to cut off the ring.


Your newest and biggest hater


Dear Floyd Mayweather,

You’re still vastly overrated. Don’t think for one second that you’re not. The question on my mind during your domination of Canelo Alvarez was, “How the heck did you NOT win Dancing With the Stars?”

For somebody with as much boxing experience as you, I am amazed you still think you’re in a keep away dancing competition every time you enter the ring. You know you’re allowed to throw a power shot or be the aggressor every once and awhile, right?

Thanks to Canelo being a useless overhyped tool, you now have no excuse NOT to retire undefeated. That still doesn’t mean you’re one of the top 10 fighters to ever live, but of course some of your fans will continue to swing from your nuts and hype you up as the best ever.


Anyone with a brain in their skull knows you’re nowhere near being the greatest of all time. But that’s fine. I also know you’re not the brightest tool in the shed. You’ll be dead broke and begging strangers for money once you’re retired for five years. Maybe you should go buy a few more mansions and another Lamborghini or two.


Who cares


Dear MyBoxing Readers,

I wrote the above letters because I spent all day completely stoked for a great main event only to suffer through a disappointing and overhyped main event.

I know a lot of people are already starting to hype up Danny Garcia as a legit contender to defeat Mayweather, but those people need to shut up. Garcia is a great fighter when his opponents are dumb enough to come to him, but that wouldn’t happen with Mayweather.

You really want to know who Money May should fight next? I don’t know. Maybe he should take a few more street fights with his girlfriends. At least those gals would probably be smart enough not to try and outbox a superior boxer. Surely not everyone can be as dumb as Canelo Alvarez, right?


Brian Ethridge

About Brian Ethridge
Brian Ethridge is the founding owner and current Editor-in-Chief of He has covered the sport of Boxing for nearly 10 years and has been a hardcore fan of the sweet science since birth.

2 Comments on Canelo Alvarez Exposed: Floyd Mayweather Still Overrated

  1. You made some pertinent points although I would not refer to Canelo as a ‘tool’. He’s a nice guy who just got outboxed by probably the most defensive minded fighter of all time. Mayweather is a skilled boxer for sure but he is dead boring and extremely cautious. His strategy is to pot shot his way to victory without ever taking any serious risks. He is outdoubtedly one of the best defensive fighters that ever lived but definitely not anywhere near the greatest of all time.

    The calibre of his opposition doesn’t compare to the fighters that Ray Robinson and Ray Leonard fought and many of his opponents were over the hill when he fought them. I give him credit for what he has accomplished in the ring but he most certainly cannot compare to any of the greats of the past.

    He would have been beaten by Robinson and Leonard and many other top fighters of the past such as Duran and Hearns would have destroyed him.

    He’s lucky he is fighting in an era which is quite weak in terms of quality fighters. Perhaps the only guy who could beat him would be Sergio Martinez, but I’m not sure if Martinez is going to fight for much longer so we will have to wait and see what happens. Until then Mayweather will keep winning against overmatched opponents. Boring!

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  2. mayweather is a cheater that is why he is undefeated. Many fighters would of defeated him like hatton if it wasnt for mayweather using his elbows ducking too low and most importantly having the refs and judges on his side.

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