Eye of the Beholder: Alfredo Angulo


June 8th was filled with many fights with noticeable names, both on HBO and Showtime. One of the entertaining brawls that really caught my eye was the match-up between Erislandy Lara and Alfredo Angulo. A fight that I didn’t foresee going the way it did.

I figured Lara would dominate being the slicker fighter and Angulo being the come straight forward brawler. Angulo did what he was suppose to, but with just a lot more added body work.He was coming straight for the inside with vicious body shots.  Lara would catch Angulo with a combo before he made his destination to the inside of Lara.

Angulo would down Lara twice. Erislandy Lara would touch canvas not once but twice for the first time in his career.

Remember those combos I mentioned earlier of Lara catching Alfredo Angulo on Angulo’s way in. Well that would be the reason for Lara’s TKO victory. All of a sudden when Angulo looked like he was going to pull off the upset, Angulo turned his back in the 10th round due to an eye injury. It looked like a broken orbital bone.

Now to elaborate more on this type of boxing injury.

Even though this was an awesome match worthy of a rematch, Alfredo Angulo may had suffered a career ending injury. Hopefully I am wrong. An orbital fracture in the case like a brawler like Angulo usually forces these types of boxers into retirement. Recent cases that come into my mind would be Antonio Margarito and Lamon Brewster.

Yes it will heal where a fighter may think he can perform at a way in which he did before the injury, but reality is the fighter will never be the same. Alfredo Angulo is not a defensive fighter and you can’t just train him to add a great defensive strategy to his arsenal. You can’t teach this “Dog” new tricks.

If Angulo does fight again against a well known opponent he will be very vulnerable to re-injuring his   eye.

As much as I love the sport and the great fighters that come with it, I would not want to see them ruin themselves for the same love which they have more of for being a professional in the fight game.

It’s a sad truth, but injuries like these are hard to recover from. I hope I am wrong and this injury is not as serious as it looked and once again we can see the fight in this “Dog” Alfredo Angulo.

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