Victor Ortiz in Seach of New Foe


Victor Ortiz was first scheduled to fight Carlos Molina, but the fight did not go through due to the inactivity of Victor Ortiz. Also to add salt to the wound Ortiz also lost his last two matches at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Josesito Lopez.

Victor Ortiz was able to find a game opponent in Alfonso Gomez, the ex Contender reality show participant. Now Alfonso Gomez will no longer be ready come Dec. 14 due to a broken hand. The broken hand is a result of a freak accident. Alfonso Gomez was carrying his baby daughter when he tripped and fell. Gomez braced his daughter trying to protect her. He fell on his arm and his hand and as a result he suffered the broken hand.

The schedule of boxing is constantly changing as the promotion entities race to seal their schedule before the year is over. You never know what will happen and freak accidents due happen a lot. Remember when Orlando Salido had to postpone his bout with Mickey Garcia a little over a year ago? He broke his hand in a car door when he was closing it.

Despite the accident Victor Ortiz is still ready to make his return and an opponent will be sought before he steps in the ring. Food for thought, “Sugar” Shane Mosely is ready for a fight. Maybe a Shane Mosely vs Victor Ortiz match could be added and the names will bring a lot of hype to an already loaded card.

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