Bernard Hopkins is Out of This World Setting Another Record

Bernard Hopkins defies the laws of physics and time once again. He continues to add to his legacy as well as the history books of boxing setting records. Bernard Hopkins is truly out of this world. Bernard Hopkins became the oldest fighter to defend a title as he nears the age of 49.

Bernard Hopkins defended his title against Karo Murat and showed us a different Bernard Hopkins living up to his new nickname “The Alien”. Hopkins was in a pretty entertaining brawl. The rough house tactics that are the norm for Hopkins were there also accompanied by some new taunts. Bernard Hopkins kissed Karo Murat on the back of the neck and head in the 5th round bringing excitement to the crowd.

Bernard Hopkins and Karo Murat were in many exchanges in the second half of the fight trading some pretty heavy leather. Bernard Hopkins absorbing flush shots and landing some of his own driving Murat to the ropes. Hopkins looked for a knockout, but could not find one. His last knockout was against Oscar De La Hoya in 2004.

It seems as if no one from this planet knows what is next for Bernard Hopkins. He did say post fight he can make 160 lbs for  possible Floyd Mayweather Jr., but we all know that sounds like too much science fiction to be taken serious.


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