Darren Barker Defeats Daniel Geale with Split Deciscion

Darren Barker

2013 has another great fight to add to the list for this year. Daniel Geale took on Darren Barker in a fight that turned out a lot better than expected. The fighters were very evenly matched up and the ending showed when Darren Barker won via split decision from the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Darren Barker seemed to be the favorite through the first 5 rounds of action, but the 6th round is what made the fight spectacular. Daniel Geale sent Darren Barker to the floor with a devastating body blow. It did not look as if Barker would beat the count, but he did. Darren Barker was able to make it up at the count of nine. Not only did Barker beat the count but he came back in that same round delivering hard punches back at Geale making for another candidate for round of the year.

After that round Darren Barker seemed to control the next couple of rounds. That seemed to make the difference when it came down to the three judges scorecards at the end of the fight.

Daniel Geale showed he did have the energy and speed in his combos to come close to a win. However Darren Barker landed more punches and those punches looked heavier than Daniel Geale’s.

We very well could have a re-match on our hands since this was an entertaining and close fight. Also with Gennady Golovkin choosing Curtis Stevens for November 2nd the likely-hood of these two facing each other again just heightened.

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