Roy Jones Jr. vs. Rampage Jackson?


Another boxer vs. MMA fighter looks to be on the horizon as Roy Jones Jr. vs Quentin “Rampage” Jackson is in the works. The fight will be proposed to Zuffa for UFC 168. It is highly doubtful the fight will take place on the UFC event since it is already booked and also “Rampage” already signed with Bellator. Higher case scenario is that Jones Jr. vs Rampage Jackson will be on Viacom/Bellator PPV for Rampage Jackson’s first fight with Bellator.

Now the twist for all the fight fans. This will not be an octagon event, but an actual boxing match in a boxing ring. Kimbo Slice already made the switch and has been having success, but Kimbo Slice has not fought a type of fighter with this caliber in which Jackson plans to do.

No ex-UFC champions has ever fought a legendary boxer in the sport of boxing. Boxers had fought ex UFC champs in the past the biggest fight was the one when Randy Couture defeated James Toney. A lot of MMA fans used that as a reason to prove MMA is better than boxing, but lets not forget Ray Mercer (former boxing conteder) defeated ex-UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia in less than 10 seconds at the age of 48 years old in 2009.

Anderson Silva was interested in this same bout against Roy Jones Jr., but since Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman of course Anderson Silva has other things on his mind. A December 28th rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman is already scheduled.

This is a boxing site so now back to boxing. If Roy Jones Jr. does fight Quentin Jackson MMA fan or boxing fan this makes for an interesting match and is much watch television. Of course boxing fans vs MMA fans about what sport is better will never go away so this will be for bragging rights once again. Both fighters seem like their careers in their respective sport are now gone. Roy Jones Jr. former champ, yet a legend is 44 years old. Quentin Jackson losing his last three fight appearances is 35 years old.

Advantage goes to Roy Jones Jr. since it is a boxing match. If this were MMA the ball would be in Quentin Jackson’s court. Interesting none the less and makes for a good sells pitch and fight.

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