Gennady Golovkin Paralyzes Matthew Macklin


Gennady Golovkin has been the hardest working champion in boxing as he defended his title three times and looks to add to that number in 2013. We could be seeing him three more times before the year is over.

Golovkin has been a wrecking ball and on Saturday night Matthew Macklin stood in his way. Golovkin was a big time favorite, but Matthew Macklin didn’t let that bother him up until the beginning bell. Gennady Golovkin’s power and calmness was apparent from the start. Half way through the first round you can tell Macklin would change from a competitor to a survivor.

Macklin would get knocked into the ropes with thudding shots in the 1st and 2nd round. Then shortly after a minor slip from Macklin in the 3rd, Gennady would make his move. He would deliver a body shot to Matthew Macklin’s ribs that would paralyze Macklin and leave him on the canvas. Macklin would be stuck and unable to beat the count.

Matthew Macklin is a hard scrapper that came close to a win against Felix Sturm and was off to a great start against Sergio Martinez. Gennady Golovkin was a different story as he was clearly destroying Macklin from the start.

Now we have to wonder if Golovkin is making his case with the support of  a growing fan base to face Sergio Martinez in 2014. Remember  Sergio Martinez suffered injuries that will keep him out of the ring for the rest of 2013 after facing Martin Murray.

Until then there are still some middleweights that Golovkin can face that can make for interesting match-ups. Golovkin does want to get back in the ring as soon as possible and a lucrative and entertaining fight for the fans could be Gennady Golovkin vs Peter Quillin. Both fighters are rising at the same pace in their division and in my opinion would be an excellent fight.

Daniel Geale faces Darren Barker in August and the winner of that fight could also be a possible match-up for Triple G.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. if he does not fight Andre Ward is a possibility that would bring in many fans for the excitement. Another opponent that could find themselves on the list is Martin Murray. Now the only problem is after seeing Golovkin wreck opponents who will refuse to duck Golovkin as it seems he’s starting to become the most feared boxer in the sport.

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