Sugar Shane Mosley Tops Pablo Cesar Cano In Mexico


Shane Mosley, who will be 42 in September, had not won a fight in over three years coming into Saturday night’s bout with Pablo Cesar Cano. That combined with the 18 year gap in age between the fighters made it hard to think that Mosley was there for anything more than a payday. In the end Mosley proved that wrong, using his years of experience and obvious dedication to fitness to earn a unanimous decision win, 115-113 all around.

Mosely had actually lost his last three fights though they came against arguably the three best boxers in the world, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and Saul Alvarez. Cano, 26-3-1, 20KOs, was also coming in to the fight off of a loss but many would say it was a fight he really won.

Cano started the fight confident and aggressive. Mosley seemed the opposite having no interest in engaging in the early rounds and throwing mostly jabs. For some reason, Mosely threw with his left almost exclusively in the beginning of the fight.

One might have thought that Mosley came in to the fight with a broken right hand from his timidness with it. Even in the later rounds, after Sugar Shane had used the right successfully, he was still very reliant on his left. His corner even urged him to use his right more often, screaming at Mosley between the ninth and tenth rounds, “Set up your f***ing right.”

Despite his reluctance to use his right hand, Mosley showed the boxing intelligence that one gains over a 20 year career. After sizing up Cano for the first three or four rounds, Mosley came into his own and began to throw and land power punches. As well, he consistently used his jab effectively and did well to control the ring with his footwork.

Cano had flashes of strength after the fourth but struggled to control entire rounds. Whether it was his level of endurance or just frustration caused by the strategy of Mosley, Cano fought in bunches in the second half of the fight. Though he seemed to hurt Mosely at times, Cano never did enough to put Mosley down which would be the only way to excuse this style of fighting.

Mosely looked more experienced but not older. He got stronger as the rounds went by and was consistently the one pushing the action. Sugar Shane, 47-8-1, 39 KOs, proved that he can still make an exciting championship fight.

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