Sergio Martinez Defeats Martin Murray


It was a great display of how popular the sport of boxing is worldwide and the United States. Last week close to 40,000 fans filled the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. One week later 40,000 plus fans fill an Argentina soccer stadium for Argentinian athlete of the year for 2012, and one of boxing’s top stars Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez. The place was pumped and the atmosphere will be forever seared into my memory. Heavy rain poured on boxing fans, while flames shot out, and fireworks bursted through out the air. The ring walk for Sergio seemed like it took 20 minutes because him and his entourage were packed like a can of sardines as they took baby steps towards the ring. Martin Murray was not as lucky as for not only did rain wet him, but also spit from fans rooting for Martinez and seeing Murray as the wicked enemy.

The fight would be very close and controversial. Sergio Martinez’s win would not be easy. Martinez would fight fast, but hit nothing but glove as he could not make it through the high guard of Martin Murray. Martin Murray would stay focused and extremely disciplined.   Maravilla would try to get Murray to drop the guard, but would be unsuccessful. Martin Murray would not bite on the bait. Murray would continue to keep to his game plan and would eventually wear down Sergio.

Sergio Martinez would be bloodied, exhausted, and leave the bout injured. Martin Murray downed Sergio Martinez in the 8th round. Despite the trouble Martinez found himself in he would go on to win by unanimous decision. Home town cooking might have favored Maravilla, but the fight was close either way. Martinez was the busier man in the begging rounds and difinetly won the 11th and 12th round. A knockdown ruled a slip would also help Sergio Martinez on the scorecards.

Even though Sergio Martinez won the fight he would lose the rest of the year due to the punishment he suffered against Martin Murray. Sergio Martinez age is looking to be taking a toll on his body and Martinez also seems to be slowing just a split second, which is a major factor in the fight game.

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