Danny Garcia Beats Super Zab Judah


Boxing had a huge night with fans packing venues in different parts of the world and Brooklyn, New York would be one of them. The Barclays Center would be filled with over 17,000 rooting fans when hometown favorite Zab Judah took on the champion Danny Garcia.

Lots of tension hyped the fight in the closing week. Separate weigh ins and press conferences would add last minute drama to the fight between the two. Seems like there was bad blood between the two. That is exactly how the fight would play out.

Danny Garcia would throw those hooks that he always does where he is in a stance that gives his hooks so much leverage that he could drop you to the canvas. These hooks would stagger Zab Judah in the 5th round having Zab Judah walking around the ring like he was after his knockout caused by Kostya Tszyu. Only this time Judah would not fall, showing heart as he back pedaled on his bicycle trying to collect himself.

Zab Judah would find a home for his left hand as he would take a couple rounds here and there, but Danny Garcia countered one of these lefts with a swift overhand right between the guard of Judah. Zab Judah would find himself square and topple over in the 8th round.

Both fighters would collide finding themselves full of blood. It was not the bad blood from before the match, but the good blood of a tough fight in the sport we know as boxing. Zab Judah would rally in the later rounds taking the rounds from the 9th to the final bell. The late rally was spectacular, but would not be enough to get the “W.”

Danny Garcia would become the victor in one hell of a fight for one hell of a weekend!

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