Steve Cunningham vs. Tyson Fury: American Could Not Survive


The first round between Tyson Fury and Steve Cunningham started off with Fury pressing the action in round 1 along with massive taunting, Fury was bringing a WWE show to boxing. As round 1 closed Fury followed Cunningham to his corner and furthered the intimidation factor with a shove.

Steve Cunningham would show he was not intimated and come up to start the 2nd round with a massive shot plowing Tyson Fury to the floor. This definitely stopped the taunting from Tyson Fury. Steve Cunningham would continue to find a home for the overhand right, wobbling Fury again in the 4th round.

Fatigue would start to set in at the end of the 5th round for Steve Cunningham as his punches started losing steam. In the 7th round an uppercut to the guts of Cunningham would leave Steve Cunningham defenseless. Tyson Fury would then land an overhand right to finish Steve Cunningham off in Knockout fashion. Tyson Fury hung in there and used his size to wear down Cunningham. Maybe a Klitschko brother could step up and take on Tyson Fury soon. Tyson Fury would stay undefeated and improve his record to 21 wins and 0 losses.

Have to give credit for Main Events for hooking up with NBC and bringing boxing to standard network television. Big move for a big fighter in the big apple.

This match could give good hype to Tyson Fury as he proves to be a good entertainer as well. Singing to the crowd at Madison Square Garden after his win. Tyson Fury might be the next big name for the heavyweight division to capitalize on. Might be what the heavyweight division needs to bring back that heavyweight hype.

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