Kermit Cintron-Adrian Granados Ends With Awful Decision


This article should be about how a young fighter came out of nowhere to upset a veteran. Unfortunately, when it comes to boxing, what happens is not always the story. So instead this is an article about how Adrian Granados and Kermit Cintron fought 10 rounds to a split draw.

The 33 year old Cintron started the fight strong while his opponent was understandably timid. However this shyness did not last long for Granados as he came in to his own in the second. The 23 year old began to come at Cintron throwing ferocious and precise combinations for which Cintron rarely had an answer.

In the fourth round, just as Granados seemed to be taking full control of the fight, the two locked up and Granados threw a rabbit punch. Cintron looked him in the eye and pointed to the back of his own head as if to say,’Come on man’. Granados obviously did not give the answer Cintron was looking for because Kermit opened up on the young fighter.

He started throwing and landing big power punches while Granados, powered by bravado alone, tried to throw back. The range was not right, his shots were wild, the whole thing was generally ill-advised on Granados part, and he took a quick beating for his hubris. Luckily for him, after a few seconds Granados realized the err in his ways and backed away to gain his composure. This was the only time in the fight that Cintron really seemed to have a chance.

From then on it was all lazy power punches from Cintron and they were not happening often. It seemed like he was hoping for a one punch knockout but barely even trying for that. He really just followed Granados around the ring and took whatever the young Illinois native threw at him.

Meanwhile Granados controlled the pace, used his jab, moved laterally, and threw strong combinations. His youth did show at times, it was only his fifteenth pro fight and second at welterweight, when he would leave himself open or literally jump to the inside but overall Granados showed himself to be a good boxer and quite obviously the better fighter on the night.

The record will show a 96-94,93-97,95-95 split draw. In reality, Cintron would be lucky to have won three rounds(the 1st, 4th and maybe 5th) so even the one card that was for Granados, 96-94, could be said to be skewed a bit in Cintron’s favor.


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  1. Reading PA Fight Fan // March 23, 2013 at 8:56 am // Reply

    As Kermit Cintron fan I was looking forward to this fight. Kermit was fighting at correct weight for him IMHO, but he had no spark. Kermit looked lazy and was grabbing and holding when he should have been punching. Sadly, I think Kermit needs to hang up the gloves.

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  2. Great article. Spot on assessment. Granados is the real deal. Just needs to be brought up properly from here on out with more selective matchmaking and he will be a world champion in the next two or three years. Thanks for taking another look at him.

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