Eye for an Eye: Arthur Abraham Losses to Robert Stieglitz in 4

arthur-abraham-robert-stieglitzIf you were able to watch the first match you would have remembered the fight being close, but slightly in the favor of Arthur Abraham as he would be the victor. Arthur Abraham established the jab early and had Robert Stieglitz eye injured during the first bout. Stieglitz would try a late rally that ended up unsuccessful in the eye of the judges. Some felt that Robert Stieglitz had won which is not too bad of an argument because many rounds were close and could had been scored either way. The only way to figure out if someone wasn’t up to par that night was just to fight again.

The Arthur Abraham vs. Robert Stieglitz rematch would start out with Stieglitz coming out blazing. Stieglitz clearly was out for revenge and to get his belt back. Robert Stieglitz threw fast and strong repeatedly pressing the action and hurting King Arthur near the end of round 2 sending Abraham into the corner and than clinching. This would give Robert Stieglitz the confidence he needed to keep the pace up and Stieglitz would continue to drive Abraham into the corners. Arthur Abraham left eye would become closed early. Talk about an eye for an eye! Arthur Abraham would try to fight back, but Abraham ended up hitting behind the head. A hard warning would come and than a point deduction immediately when Abraham went for the back of the head again. This would put Abraham down big time on the scorecards.

The fight would end only within 4 rounds. Robert Stieglitz got his revenge the best way possible receiving a TKO victory. The fight came to a stoppage due to the eye injury and the fight would be called by the doctor.

Robert Stieglitz entertained fans and put on a show due to his boxing talents. This victory will add more credibility to his name and put him in contention to battle any super middleweight for their belts as well. During the post fight Stieglitz said he would fight Froch, Kessler, or Ward. Once again this was a great performance by Robert Stieglitz and a fight with Froch, Kessler, or Ward could be possible for his next match. Truly the biggest win of Stieglitz career.

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