Timothy Bradley Wins in Hard Fought Brawl Over Ruslan Provodnikov


Timothy Bradley may have been inspired by the first round of Jessie Vargas vs. Wale Omotoso as Bradley tried to go toe to toe with Provodnikov, this was not a good idea for Timothy Bradley. He would be dazed in the first two rounds taking a pounding from Ruslan Provodnikov. Bradley getting in a deeply dug hole  with exhaustion on top of that making it hard for Bradley especially after his long 10 month layoff.

Bradley would get his head back in the game showing guts and glory and showing his extreme athleticism turning up the heat in round three. The heat from “Desert Storm” would help as Bradley started to work smarter and not harder, becoming the first one to land with down low climbing to the head combos. Big right hands would continue to contact Bradley on the head rocking Bradley hard. Amazing how Bradley could stay up after taking abuse from such powerful shots being delivered from Provodnikov. The ending from the 6th round was such a spectacular display Ruslan Provodnikov would have Timothy Bradley backed into the ropes and Bradley’s determination would be amazing as he stayed up and tried to flurry back to possibly win around he would end up losing.

Who would have ever thought that this fight would turn out to be a chapter in a Rocky Balboa like storybook. Hard fought all the way to the 12th showing both blood and guts from both fighters. Speaking of the final round Timothy done a smart thing but purposely taking a knee so he could rise back up on his own instead of being put to sleep by Ruslan Provodnikov and being able to see the final scorecards. Great night of fighting with Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley keeping his title.

Timothy Bradley received mixed reviews after his gift wrapped win against Manny Pacquiao, but like it or not you can not under estimate his great stamina, will power, and determination which in boxing equals out to a thing called heart. I believe Rudy Tomjanovich said it best when the Houston Rockets won the NBA championship in 1995 when he was quoted as saying “never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

Ruslan Provodnikov believed he has won the fight and you can’t blame him this was a great hard fight no matter what fighter you were. Timothy Bradley also said after the fight he knows he has a concussion. I would not mind seeing these guys battle again, but I do not think we will due to Provodnikov name credibility in the fight game. Bradley being the champ has the right to look for an opponent with more popularity which equals more money for Timothy Bradley and Bob Arum’s Top Rank. When money is in front of you it has the power of persuasion.

Also Timothy Bradley will try to get more credit, which will be hard to gain still after taking  a win from Manny Pacquiao and also a win from Provodnikov which was a hard fight and is understandable why not to give Bradley credit just yet.



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