Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Andre Ward: Shots Have Been Fired

moneySOGFloyd Mayweather Jr. likes to stir the pot when it comes to boxing. His most recent target has been Andre “S.O.G. Ward. Why pick on Andre Ward? I believe there are many reasons for this. Andre Ward has openly said he is a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fan, but he also did say he will be rooting for fellow bay area boxer Robert Guerrero.

Also I believe Mayweather Jr. knows Andre Ward is threatening his P4P status as many members of the media have Andre Ward ranked as high as the #2 man right beneath Floyd. It could also be Andre Ward is grabbing media attention by joining the media himself being a guest commentator on HBO boxing while he waits for his shoulder to fully recover.

So what caused this latest rumor you wonder? It was some of the statements Floyd Mayweather Jr. is quoted saying with his interview with FightHype.com

“…He (Ward) can’t sell tickets nowhere,” Mayweather said. “He can’t sell tickets in Las Vegas. This is the only guy I know that’s a gold medalist, but don’t nobody know he’s a gold medalist. He’s a gold medalist, but he’s making money like he don’t even got a medal. Like I said before, Andre Ward, he’s a good fighter, but who knows him? If you’re not in Oakland, you don’t even know who he is…The only people that know him are in the boxing world. Floyd Mayweather is a worldwide celebrity; a worldwide mogul. You know, you got fighters, sometimes, they speak on certain situations where the thing is this, like I always tell you before, when you’re a fighter getting a million dollars, a million dollar fighter like Andre Ward, if anything, you need to come to my camp so you can learn the blueprint on how to sell out arenas worldwide. I got the blueprint on how to sell out arenas worldwide. We know Adrien Broner is more known than Andre Ward. He don’t even have an amateur background. He’s got a gold medal? Let me get it and I’ll melt it down and get a medallion made.”

Andre Ward has responded also by saying “he can pick up the phone and we can talk about it like men.”

Don’t worry fight fans these two would never be in the ring together due to size difference and this will just stay at small talk. Andre Ward has worked out in the past at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s gym, videos can even be found on YouTube. Also we all know Ward is much too calm of a dude to continue beef with boxing’s biggest talker. Floyd Mayweather Jr. might have even helped Andre Ward gain a little bit more publicity by mentioning Ward like this. When “Money” talks like it or not we all listen!

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