Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins: Oldest Champ Again at Age 48

bernard_hopkinsBernard Hopkins is Champ once again breaking his old record that he set to become the oldest Champion at the age of 48 years old. They say you can not teach an old dog new tricks, but when the dog’s name is Bernard Hopkins he needs no tricks because he already mastered them all.

Hopkins was able to master his younger 31 year old opponent Tavoris Cloud. The way B-Hop walked Cloud around creating angles to dodge as well as deliver punches was the vintage B-Hop we all come to know over the many, many years. Hopkins was able to cause a cut on Cloud as well from a short choppy half uppercut half hook punch, in which Cloud thought it came from an elbow. Referee Earl Brown believed it came from an accidental head butt. Replay showed it was indeed from a signature razor sharp punch in the 6th round.

As always against a man like Bernard frustration will sink in and Hopkins will sense it. When Hopkin’s game plan is kicking in the teasing from the old man will start. One of the only ways that he is able to keep us all entertained with his superb technical fighting style. Chants of B-Hop filled the arena showing the boxing world B-Hop gets love he still has the appeal to keep us boxing fans drawn to him.

After the final bell toll Bernard “the executioner” Hopkins would be declared the winner, and new IBF light heavyweight champion of the world at the age of 48.

No matter what you think of his age, Bernard Hopkins may have found a boxing fountain of youth. Many might want him to retire, but I say keep going and be a Champ at the age of the nifty fifty. You look at the light heavyweight division and he still poses a threat to any of them. The only man with a clean win in that division over him is “Bad” Chad Dawson. So big props and another historic big win for the legendary Bernard Hopkins.

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