Manny Pacquiao Did Steroids: Jorge Arce Accuses Pacman Of Doping


You want bombshell accusations? Miguel Rivera of BoxingScene reports that Jorge Arce, former four-division world titlist (at junior flyweight, junior bantam, bantamweight, and junior featherweight), has outright accused Manny Pacquiao of using pharmaceutical enhancement as he went from a titlist at flyweight in Southeast Asia all the way up to consistently looking like a filled-out welterweight in his recent fights.

Arce went a step further and said that even though Pacman has consistently tested negative, that all that means is that he’s using undetectable designer steroids, presumably obtained through his “strength coach”, the disgraced drug dealer Alex Ariza, who has had connections to Victor Conte’s infamous BALCO organization, the same group that provided steroids to Barry Bonds during Bonds’ time as poster boy for an era of baseball that the Hall of Fame has tried to forget.

Considering how recently Lance Armstrong has been forced to come clean despite never failing a drug test, considering the congressional hysteria in the United States over the Steroids Era in baseball, and considering just how implausible it is that a guy who was prone to getting deposited on his ass when he weighed 112 pounds was then somehow able to beat up guys who walked around outside of their training camps at 170 and who fought at 147 and above (Antonio Margarito weighed 150 when Pacquiao beat him), sometimes the Duck Test applies:

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it’s on steroids.

Until Manny Pacquiao is either forced to come clean after an extensive investigation by WADA or confesses entirely on his own, or alternately until conclusive evidence emerges that Alex Ariza, a guy whose entire raison d’etre in sporting camps had been to supply illicit and undetectable substances to cheaters looking for an edge, somehow magically just supplied Manny Pacquiao with nothing more than Advil and B vitamins, the accumulated evidence of all who have come before hangs over Pacquiao’s run up the weight classes like dark clouds before a storm.

Correlation does not equal causation, but it does gesture in causation’s direction and say “hey, look over there.” Jorge Arce is on to something here, and it would behoove us all to do a little digging. Is it any wonder that since more steroid scrutiny has been pointed at Manny Pacquiao that he’s been a shadow of the fighter he was in his youth? He and Antonio Margarito deserve each other.

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  1. If Jorge Arce’s unsubstantiated comments are enough to accuse PAC, then JMM and his world renowned S&C coach should be convicted and thrown in jail! JMM showed up with never before seen in his prime power and with a S&C coach who specializes in creating undetectable steroids and Jorge singles on PAC without having even circumstantial evidence? Intelligent people see this as a ploy to divert attention from the real question: “Who was the lightweight that stepped into the ring with PAC carrying all of a sudden light heavyweight power with a convicted Steroid chemist in his camp?” That is the question. That is the elephant in the room that JMM’s friend, Jorge, will not be able to make go away.

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