Manny Pacquiao: Why Floyd Mayweather Is A Better Champion

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What makes a great champion? If you’re Manny Pacquiao, it would seem to be collecting belts and making up false achievements for yourself. If you’re Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who fights Robert Guerrero in a move back down to welterweight on Showtime May 4, it’s about fighting up-and-comers and great champions alike, collecting belts as a consequence of being the best fighter in the world for now and perhaps all-time. Here’s why Floyd Mayweather is a better champion than Manny Pacquiao and why his plaque in Canastota should have more prominent display in the Hall:

Mayweather actually held a real, undisputed title at each of his five weights, not claiming “eight-division world champion” like Pacquiao, whose claim is probably false.

Manny Pacquiao wants you to believe he’s an “eight-division world champion”, but he has no claim on two of those divisions and a very weak claim on a third. The ability to (allegedly) fill one’s muscles full of steroids en route to a weight well in excess of one’s natural bulk does not a great champion make.

Pacquiao was absolutely without doubt one of the greatest little guys ever to lace up the gloves; had he just stayed between flyweight and featherweight, we wouldn’t have had this conversation. But let’s break it down, his “eight divisions”:

Flyweight: Pacquiao was the lord of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, putting together a career a lot like the one Pongsaklek Wonjongkam just had before Pong aged out of the role last year. Even so, he is only 2-1 in world title fights at 112 pounds, including one of his KO losses, to Medgoen Singsurat for the WBC belt in 1998.

Junior Featherweight: Make no mistake. This is where nobody can argue that Manny wasn’t one of the great champions of all time. At 122 pounds, he cut through the division, burst onto the scene in the United States, and beat a lot of the best at the weight; even so, when it came time to fight actual beltholders, why is Pacquiao only 4-0-1 in world title fights?

Featherweight: Don’t give me that claptrap about “lineal titles” and “beat the guy who beat the guy”. In today’s environment, there are more pretenders to the throne of “title lineage” than there are on Game of Thrones. Yes, Manny Pacquiao beat Marco Antonio Barrera impressively in their first fight. But he is 0-0-1 in world title fights (the first Juan Manuel Marquez fight), and that’s not going to cut it, since a draw doesn’t get a Hall of Fame-recognized belt around your waist. That’s two weights so far, not three.

Junior Lightweight: Only the second fight with Marquez was actually for a recognized world title, and it’s a fight that many could argue that Manny didn’t win. Now, we can argue all day about what good the “WBC International” title is, but it’s not the WBC Junior Lightweight Champion of the World now, is it? Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier the second time for the NABF heavyweight title, but everyone knew that George Foreman was the heavyweight champion at the time. Yes, the Erik Morales trilogy and the second Barrera fight were great fights. But wearing a farcical belt around one’s waist does not a world champion make. You need a real one, and Manny was 1-0 in world title fights at 130 pounds.

Lightweight: Talk about goosing a claim. Fighting David Diaz only because Diaz had a belt, Manny Pacquiao steamrolled him. Forgive me for saying “so what?” 1-0 in title fights, 1-0 at the weight, and the first signs were there of a guy who cared more about records that are about as impressive as the Boston Red Sox “sellout streak” at Fenway, which is to say not at all. Four divisions so far, and three cases where he was a “champion” rather than a “beltholder.” In the words of Jamie Hyneman, “this isn’t looking good for the myth.”

Junior Welterweight: Another division, another lack of a world title. The win over Ricky Hatton was for the IBO title at 140 pounds. Not the IBF, not the WBO, and you can’t split the difference. The record is clear; Manny Pacquiao never fought for a recognized world title at 140 pounds. He moved up to welterweight after the Hatton fight without ever having won an actual title. Still four divisions. Still only three strong claims. And we’re running out of weight classes.

Welterweight: OK, fine. Manny Pacquiao won a real belt (from the WBO) and beat real contenders (you don’t have to beat all-time greats. Let’s leave the lack of a superfight out of this.) Pacquiao beat Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey, and (debatably) Juan Manuel Marquez in sanctioned world title fights. He was a welterweight champ. He wasn’t THE welterweight champ (that would be Floyd Mayweather), but he was A welterweight champ, and if we can give Vitali Klitschko credit for holding the WBC belt, then Manny gets a pass here as well. That’s five weights and four legit claims, and I think we’re about to run out of divisions.

Junior Middleweight: The rules of boxing define the junior middleweight/light middleweight/super welterweight division as “a weight division in professional boxing, above 147 pounds and up to 154 pounds (66.7-69.9 kg).” (Wikipedia) Manny Pacquiao fought for a world title at a 150-pound catchweight, came in himself at 145, and called himself the junior middleweight champion of the world.

Does anyone really need to think too hard about how absurd that is? Manny got to fight a welterweight fight against a guy who came in no further over the welterweight limit than Brandon Rios did at lightweight in his last two fights at 135, and if it looks like a 147-pound fight and hits like a 147-pound fight, it cannot legitimately be a junior middleweight title fight. If the WBO set its mind to it, Manny Pacquiao could fight Robert Stieglitz at a 155-pound catchweight, ‘roid himself to hell and back, and be the super middleweight champ with that logic.

Just because a greedy sanctioning body wants its pound of flesh, and just because Jose Sulaiman wanted Antonio Margarito out of the way knowing Pacquiao wouldn’t defend the belt so that he could install Saul Alvarez as his champion, this does not make Manny Pacquiao a 154-pound world champion. So that’s six divisions with a title and only four legitimate claims.

I don’t know how people do it elsewhere, but where I come from we don’t run around pounding our chests when we haven’t earned the right to boast. Manny Pacquiao is a six-division titlist and a four-division champion. End of discussion.

Just for kicks, let’s check out Floyd Mayweather’s claim, shall we?

Same methodology, less getting flattened and going down like he’s been shot the way Pacquiao did in the fourth Marquez fight:

Junior featherweight: Floyd Mayweather won his first title from Genaro Hernandez in 1998, sending Hernandez into a comfortable retirement counting punches on the CompuBox machine on basic cable. After affixing the WBC 130-pound belt around his waist, Mayweather tenaciously defended it, eight times in fact, including a brutal beatdown of Diego Corrales that saw Diego hit the mat five times in ten rounds. Floyd’s style rounded into something special in the dying years of the Bill Clinton administration, and that title run alone could’ve made a Hall of Fame case by itself.

Lightweight: Mayweather had played at 135 pounds during his 130 run, beating Emanuel Augustus in what Mayweather later said was one of his toughest fights by way of paying compliment to his opponent. Things didn’t turn out so bad for Augustus (still known as Emanuel Burton at the time) since it got him a date in New Hampshire for a Fight of the Year with Micky Ward a few months later.

Once the time for play was over, Mayweather seized the mantle from Jose Luis Castillo, won a rematch, then put seven rounds of TKO icing on the cake against Philip Ndou before heading up to 140 for a shot at greater things. Beating Jose Luis Castillo twice when Castillo was still two years away from his fight with Diego Corrales is no mean feat, and doing it for a belt makes you a champion. That’s two legit claims.

Junior Welterweight: In one of the strongest times the 140-pound division has ever seen, Arturo Gatti leveraged his trilogy with Micky Ward into a title shot, lifted the belt off of Gianluca Branco, defended against Leonard Dorin, smacked around Jesse James Leija (a former world champ at 130, even if he was 1-6 all-time in world title fights for his career), and then surrendered the belt to Floyd Mayweather. If we’re not holding Joshua Clottey against Manny Pacquiao, we can’t hold Arturo Gatti against Floyd Mayweather. Was Gatti Kostya Tszyu or Ricky Hatton? No, but in 2005 the division was loaded and Mayweather was one of the titlists. That’s three.

Welterweight: Zab Judah, Carlos Baldomir, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, Victor Ortiz, a stint as the pound-for-pound No. 1, and a whole lot of whining from both camps trying to make a fight with Pacquiao. Any questions? That’s four.

Junior Middleweight: To become the recognized undisputed 154-pound champ by beating Miguel Cotto for it is nice. To do it five years after stepping up in weight when barely off the 140-pound limit, weigh in at a solid 150 for a fight contracted at the limit (none of this catchweight crap), and beat the snot out of an all-time great in Oscar De La Hoya? That’s five, and all five of the title reigns with at least a modest claim (if we’re being fair, maybe we discount junior welter, but I just made that case.

Having a belt around your waist does not make you a world champion.

Floyd Mayweather’s belts were earned by beating champions. Manny Pacquiao earned his by beating beltholders. There’s a difference. And that’s why Floyd Mayweather is a better champion than Manny Pacquiao; indeed, Money, should he retire undefeated, deserves mention with guys like Ali and Whitaker and Robinson and Leonard as the great fighters ever to lace up the gloves.

Fox Doucette is Deputy Editor for MyBoxing.

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  1. this writer is a bias piece of sh**. manny’s achievments are way more than floyds . unlike floyd Manny fights anyone. Even if outweighed by 17 lbs on fight not. Your a joke MR douchbag of a writer.

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  2. Yeah right, perfect article at the right time.. – only not.
    I love Money the way he fights, pure skills & talent. I love Pac the excitement and everything. Stop whining as if theyre gonna fight days from now. Whatever Pac has, it was all about perfect match making so the article should have been titled: Why “whoever” is the the best promoter not BObfather. Loved Floyd before he kept coming up with all the reasons to delay the fight. Now fight wont make sense coz of him.

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  3. Fox Doucette is Deputy Editor for Keeping Up with the Mayweathers

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  4. Fox is a Gayweather hang-around… non-sense article, too biased..

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  5. why floyd didnt fight prime mosely,cotto,margarito… pacquiao is a better champ than floyd simply coz he got balls way bigger than floyd

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  6. what better do u mean???????????? a chicken joy????
    ok floyd is better cozz he is a roster who like to beat hen

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  7. I am a Pacman fan and I agree the 8 titles are misrepresented…but what I believe makes Pacman a better “champion” is because he took way more risky fights than Mayweather…Forget the alphabet belts and the bogus catchweights…A true champion tests his skill against bigger and better opponents. A true champion fights opponents the fans want to see. And that’s where PAC wins easy!

    When PAC fought Barrera, Morales, DelaHoya, Hatton, Cotto, and Margarito, he was an underdog…he was undersized or underestimated..and still won! Not by decision, but by KO! …In addition, He’s 2-1-1 against future HOFamer JMM and beat future HOFamer Mosley past his prime.

    Mayweather’s resume pales in comparison. He beat an undefeated but untested Diego Corrales (who never beat a quality fighter before Floyd and lost to Castillo, Casamayor 2x, and Clottey after Floyd). Floyd did beat future HOF Castillo 2x so I give him credit there.

    Floyd beat a smaller Ricky Hatton, who was undefeated at 140 but made him step up to 147 for the first time. A bigger Floyd KO’d Hatton in 10 rds., a smaller PAC KO’d Hatton in 2 Rds.

    I do give May credit for stepping up to 154 to fight a bigger ODH, but Oscar was past his prime by then (already losing to Mosley 2x, BHop, and FTrinidad). And the split decision over Oscar was and is still debatable. What happened to the rematch? floyd ducked it to avoid the risk..btw, PAC forced ODH to not just quit the fight after 8 but also to quit boxing altogether.

    Floyd did beat JMM soundly but remember JMM had to come up from 135 to fight Floyd, who weighed 146, which was 2 lbs over the contracted weight. Yes I know PAC got KO’d by JMM, but it took 4 fights for it to happen. Do you think FLoyd would ever give JMM a rematch now at 147 with no weight advantage? doubt it..

    Floyd did step up to 154 to fight Cotto, but we all know Cotto was past his prime (already suffering brutal defeats to MargaCheato and PAC). Yes Cotto was coming off a win in the rematch over Margarito, but remember Margarito just got whooped by PAC before then. Oh and PAC TKO’d Cotto in 11 while Floyd won by decision.

    Floyd has ducked numerous other fighters in their prime including Kostya Tsyzu 2000-2004, Mosley 2000-2004, Winky Wright, Felix Trinidad, Cotto 2006-2008, Margarito 2006-2008, Paul Williams 2006-2008, and Manny Pacquiao 2009-2012.

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  8. You belittle that the catch-weight Manny implemented but never provided COUNTER ARGUMENTS on how his opponents CAME IN THE AT FIGHT NIGHT… Margarito alone came in at 160+, how can you argue Rios came in at 150 fight night and left out Margarito’s fight weight?

    Beside, all your belittle and devaluing of Pacman… What did people say before he fought all those Big Men on the higher division? as a featherweight king cleaning up the 122,130, and 135 division would you imagine that someone would even climb or trend the waters of 140-154? “HE IS TOO SMALL BEYOND THIS WEIGHT!!!” It easy to refute it now because it already happen, but after Erik Morales, people like you would say, he cant beat De la Hoya, surely not Hatton, and definitely not Cotto, Margarito is too big, remember, this is GONNA BE A BLOODY CIRCUS and could end Manny’s career.

    FYI, you could argue the same thing for floyd, because he never fought the best upward the division of 135lbs… Gatti was a great fighter but not a great champion… he was only a people’s champion. JMM won’t even beat the guys Manny beat even if you claim there passed their primes. Floyd will always be remember for his sweet science but Manny will always be remember because for his GUTS and GLORY!!! I dare you, argue May-weather’s guts, fighting with a broken hand after you already used drugs to numb it, IS NOT GUTS!!!

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  9. … i feel sorry for the author… ok… now tell your better champion floydie to fight our false achiever The Great Manny Pacquiao.. please…

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  11. hi everybody… Did anyone here ask himself why Mayweather will fight Guererro and not Pac? Why Ortiz and not Pac? Why Cotto and not Pac? Why JMM and not Pac? Why o why?

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  12. Belts, titles, championships… get real Mr. Author. The sport is all about making money. Money is what drives both Mayweather and Pacquiao. Floyd’s “Undefeated Record” and Manny’s “Eight Division Titles” are nothing but marketing slogans. Had you just stuck to the reality that paydays are the truth in boxing, you wouldn’t look like such a hater and a fanboy at the same time.

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  13. Great article! Now you can lick floyd’s balls

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  14. this writer knows Pacman can get as much as 9 – 10 weight division titles if he did not skip weight or continued focusing in boxing; and those names mentioned are nothing caompared to the trio of mexican greats and no mismatches more formidable than delahoya, margarito, clottey, cotto, hatton fights.

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  15. Fox Doucette // February 20, 2013 at 1:40 am // Reply

    Qindahouse, you get some kind of award for providing a cogent argument against my point.

    As to bias, yeah, I freely cop to it. I’ve been a Mayweather guy since my days at The Boxing Tribune. Even wrote an article called “Last Night’s Winner: Manny Pacquiao Haters” after the fourth Marquez fight. I’m more than willing to admit that I’m a fan as much as a writer, and that there are fighters I like (Lucian Bute, Ruslan Provodnikov, Hank Lundy) and guys I don’t (Adrien Broner, Manny Pacquiao, Dereck Chisora.)

    Look for my third annual “Of Course I’m Biased, I’m a Fan” edition of The Southpaw in August. The first two are on the Trib. I may be a vicious little shit but at least I’m honest about it.

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  16. To settle this dispute, let this author convince Floydie to fight Packie. In this way we will know who’s great or not. Writing a biased article is unfair. Let them fight. Action speak louder than words.

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  17. the measurement of a boxer of being a real champion is the excitement that he will generate and give to paying viewers during the actual fight win or lose! bogus champions are those who prefer to play safe and give a very dull fight to the boxing audience just to win’ one example is the mayweather dela hoya fight. fake boxing writers are those who praise boxing champions who don’t bother to give the audience money’s worth!

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  18. People should just ignore this foxy biased writer and just let him enjoy his afternoon barbeque with Pretty Gay Chicken Floyd. The whole world know that fbp is too scared to fight the Pacman. Talking about that little Asian probably gave him the worst nightmares he never expected. Soon he will run out of excuses but still will not fight Pacman. FBP can hide under his uncle’s and dad’s short skirts and reappear when the Pacific Storm is retired. It is safer that way, Gay Boy.

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  19. The bias here is very clear by the author’s own statements. In his last paragraph, he says Floyd earned his belt by beating champions while Manny earned his by beating beltholders, making Floyd the better champion, and yet, he easily dismisses Manny’s claim to the world championships at featherweight and junior welterweight when in fact Manny beat the champions of those divisions, albeit they were not beltholders at the time.. Pathetic writer!

    Please, don’t make someone look good by trying to make another one look bad.

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  20. it is bias..manny pacquiao beats title holder it means, it is a champion.. Shame on you!

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  21. Pacquiao is a great fighter. He fight champions and we know that champion is a world class boxer, think first before you add..
    Gayweather is not a fighter he is a money maker..

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  22. if the author says FMM is a better undisputed champion than MP, then i guess FMM must not have any problem facing MP. Like he said He’s better, then FMM better sign the contract. FMM will be fine after the bout, easy money for FMM..

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  23. First thing first in the history of boxing ever been named ‘COWARD’ … it’s floyd maywetaher jr…. Ask Sr Floyd when said ‘ to his son, LITTLE FLOYD’ it’s because how small floyd’s ball he got.

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  24. this is the time that floyd should fight pacman. he now thinks he can beat pacman. 80% of the people think floyd can beat pacman.70/30 split for floyd is now i think fair. he thinks he can whoop his ass so its low risk high reward. dont fool yoursef for thinking that u would rather have fmj fight guerrero. that can certainly wait. the pac fight would be far more interesting. floyd should fight pacman and put him under his name and at the same time make $130m. thas legacy and money in one fight. that is what i would do if i was floyd. what would u do if u were floyd?

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  25. Dan Rightcross // February 20, 2013 at 5:29 am // Reply

    You’re right Fox. You’re a vicious little shit. Now about being honest that’s another thing altogether. When you minimize all the accomplishments of Manny Pacquiao and then blow up the record of Floyd without mentioning all the boxers he avoided, where’s the honesty in that? When Pacquiao fought David Diaz he had just beaten Eric Morales who had a win over Pacquiao. When Pacquiao fought De La Hoya, people thought he had gone out of his mind. Margarito came in almost 20 pounds heavier than Manny. Hatton gave Mayweather 11 rounds of hell. Talk about honesty you vicious little shit. You are mentally dishonest. You’re honest about one thing though, you’re a piece of shit(your words not mine)

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  26. @Fox Doucette

    Manny : won 54 (KO 38) + lost 5 (KO 3) + drawn 2 = 61
    Floyd : won 43 (KO 26) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 0 = 43

    If floyd fight as much as Manny, can you guarantee that he will never lose?? Considering he’s not fighting bumps like carlos balodmir or emmanuel augustus for world titles…if you so proud of it

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  27. the only credible opponent mentioned here are Hernandez, Cotto, Luis Castillio the others are just dumies

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  28. Great champion is measured how they over come tough challenge. Not playing safe, to stay “0” undefeated. Protecting undefeated record can be done in boxing, just pick the opponent that less risk.

    If you really know the history of Manny Pacquiao you will not make this article. Ever since he started his career. Many people told him not to fight this Guy you are not ready yet or your chance is so slim, most of the time he is underdog. But many doesn’t care about losing, he wants to test his abilities in tough situation.

    He’s training is suicidal, he almost kill him self in the training. But Floyd accused him on steroid. If there is a person has unbelievable power you call it steriod user. His power came from his inspiration from Filipino and God. Some Filipino are willing to die for his country. Manny Pacquiao is one of them. That’s how he train and that’s how he fight.. HE IS NOT RUNNING in any fight. That’s how we measure GREAT CHAMPION.

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  29. Manny Pacquiao is really one of the best boxer living on earth. He defeated all his tall opponents. Now, we can say he is very effective in figthing big and tall guys. He only made a big mistake in his 4th fight with Marquez. He should treat and fight Marquez like the way he used in figthing Dela Hoya, Margarito, Mosley and Clottey. If ever, he is going to fight again Marquez or to fight Mayweather in the future, he should fight these guys like a giant.

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  30. stop hateing on manny he’s been the biggest most exciting thing in boxing for the last 5 years.

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  31. Mr Fox, I’m glad that someone has the balls to write what I’ve been saying all along. You will get a lot of hate from the pactards only because they’re retarded in recognizing what a legitimate world champion really means. That’s fighting someone that is a champion & not fighting for a vacant belt (the only way it’s valuable is when you’re fighting the #1 contender of that division & of course without a catchweight). Pacquiao looking bad against Marquez & losing to Marquez shows that pacquiao has always been the greatest hype job in the history of boxing… Arum has always protected pacquiao, specially from Mayweather. Imagine if pacquiao would’ve taken the test then & lost a complete shut out back in 2009. Arum would’ve lost all kinds of money.

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  32. i think this writer is the husband of gayweather…so full of envy and anger against the PAC

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  33. willy tabano // February 20, 2013 at 8:56 pm // Reply

    ok let’s not talk about the belt, i felt this writer envy with that.true champ is like david fighting giant like goliath, manny came to their divisions though catch weigh it’s a man agreement between small men and a big man,come fight night, the big man still the bigger man and the smaller brave man still the same.manny’s brave hearth and faith to god gave him what he is now and FYI MR. writer manny started prof boxing at age 16 he is just kid fighting big man just to survived poverty.on another way around floyd has it takes to fight sergio martinez but your champ has no hearth to do that.don’t get me wrong mr writer it’s makes no sense to compare a brave fighter to a coward fighter.. good day!

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  34. This writer lives in the a**hole of Floydchicken, Think about this:

    Pacman = 8 Division World Champion – Floyd = 5 Division World Champion
    Pacman = 4 Lineal Titles – Floyd = 1 Lineal Title
    Pacman = 3 times Fighter of the year – Floyd = 1 Fighter of the Year
    Pacman = Fighter of the Decade – Floyd = none
    Pacman = TKO 8 Oscar Delahoya – Floyd = SD12 Oscar Delahoya
    Pacman = KO 2 Ricky Hatton – Floyd = TKO10 Ricky Hatton
    Pacman = TKO12 Cotto – Floyd = UD12 Cotto
    Pacman = KD 4x Marquez (fight 4x) – Floyd = UD12 Marquez (1 fight)
    Pacman = UD12 Mosley – Floyd = UD Mosley
    Pacman = UD Margarito – Floyd = ducked

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  35. Great article but missing something. // February 21, 2013 at 9:38 am // Reply

    Pacman is a great fighter, but one thing that has not been considered is that there is a strong possibility that he has used PEDs in many of his fights. I believe Marquez was on PEDs when he knocked out Pacman. That is what drugs can do for an athlete. Ask Lance Armstrong. When Marquez fought Mayweather, he had to submit to random blood testing and it was a one sided fight. I believe Pacman has been fighting with an illegal unfair advantage in many of his fights, just like Margarito did before he got caught. We may never know, but when an athlete dominates many weight classes and refuses to agree to more stringent drug testing, questions should be asked. Remember in baseball when those players starting hitting record numbers of homeruns. Fans thought that was awesome and those players were great. Then we later find out all of them were using some sort of PED. Mayweather and Donaire are the only two true clean champs to me. Both of them make random blood testing part of their regiment before fighting an opponent. To win titles at 112 pound all the way to 154 pounds is a superhuman accomplishment that has never been done before. As great as Donaire is, I doubt he would be able to accomplish that feat as long as he is taking random blood test before a fight. To move up 30+ pounds in weight and beat many world champions is almost unthinkable. Like I said, Manny is a great fighter, but I will always wonder if he was clean for many of those big fights. A true unbiased boxing fan would also have that in the back of their mind. If that has not entered your mind then you are a biased Pacfan, and not a true boxing aficionado.

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  36. To the previous post, I am a PACMAN fan and I too wondered if he ever used PEDs during his anscension to the higher weight classes. But then I read the following article:

    PACMAN and floyd have similar paths from 108 lbs at age 19 to 154 lbs at age 31. The difference is PACMAN never fought as an amateur. He turned pro at 16 yrs old. So its not like PAC’s rise in weight class was a sudden accomplishment.

    Is it still possible PAC used PED’s? Sure it is. And I would be one crushed PACMAN fan if its true. But if you are going to accuse PAC, then you’ve got to accuse Mayweather too. Remember Floyd has been linked to Xylocaine in the past. But you dont see PAC using this truth to block the fight. Floyd should be careful for what he wishes for. Lamont Peterson and Andre Berto accused people of PEDs and/or demanded more stringent drug testing. But in the end, they were the ones caught cheating.

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  37. manny use to fight big men he started prof boxing at age 16 he is just a kid fighting big man,find any one could do that, i doubt it, and that’s what,why manny is 8 divisions world champ no PEDs only bravehearth and faith to his creator…

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  38. if you accused manny of using PEDs then accuse him,since he turn pro at age 16 he is just a kid figthing big men…

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  39. RONNIE ATACADOR // February 22, 2013 at 12:17 am // Reply

    Sorry Mr. author but I can’t just consider the boxer the best or better by comparison if he only knows one step during the fight: BACKWARD. Floyd and Marquez fully fit to the description.

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  40. Reply to qindahouse,

    I respect your opinion because at least you have considered it a possibility that Manny has used PEDs. The chart you showed just shows a normal progression of the human body gaining weight. What I am saying is that there are no commonly known filipino fighters fighting at a higher than junior lightweight. It is not in there natural size range. Pacman is not what one would consider to be a large filipino. Mayweather is no giant either but he is similiar in size as his father and uncle and he fights withing the weight class they did when they boxed. Also, when Mayweather fights a bigger oponent, it is obvisious he does not have the knock out power and usually out points them. Manny on the other hand, comes in and physically punishes them with his punches and TKO/KO’s. For a Pacman fan, that is awesome! But to a boxing observer, I find it hard to believe that is humanly possible without the assistance of a PED. Like I said before, history of all sports show how much PEDs play a role when athletes do things that have never been done before. Beating biggers fighters is plausible, but I am skeptical when I see a smaller fighter run through and consistantly knock out bigger professional men and then sue when someone accuses them of using PED (but refuse to take additional drug tests before fights). Lance Armstrong did the exact same thing!

    You have a small point with Mayweather’s use of Xylocaine-lidocaine, but the argument is not the same. Xylocaine is/was used to numb Floyds hands during training and is not supposed to be used 7 days prior to a fight. Floyd claims he has “brittle” hands and experiences pain in them when fighting. For those who do not know boxing, the reason boxers tape up their hands and wear gloves to protect their hands during boxing. Lidocaine does not enhance performance or give you an unfair advantage. Just like cornermen using coagulants to stop bleeding during a fight is not considered a PED.

    My only point to my original statement is that until Pacman starts insisting on more stringent testing for his fights, I will always wonder if he is a clean fighter. If he has insisted on it during his fight with Marquez, I doubt the outcome would be the same. These guys fought 3 time before and all of a sudden, 1 punch from a small fighter knocked out a boxing legend (who is used to getting punched) for about a minute. Marquez has never done that before in his career. Marquez is a great fighter but something smells fishy.

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  41. reply to bgredz u accused manny of PEDs but when marquez knock him down you don’t realized you were wrong,if pac on PEDs, it would not gone pac vs marquez 4 it would be easy for pac to finish marquez on first encounter,when manny agree for random drug test u guys never wanted a fight,of course u guys can’t accept manny achievement coz he is not american, thus american judges never accept manny’s win over tim bradley…and hey have u ever heard of filipino athlete being on PEDs i doubt it… it’s not on our culture..good day!

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