Manny Pacquiao Shunned by Juan Manuel Marquez — Steroids to Blame?


If you have been looking forward to a fifth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, well — don’t hold your breath. Even though Manny Pacquiao risked everything to meet Juan Manuel Marquez in a third and fourth fight which seemed pointless to many fight fans, Marquez is now denying Pacquiao the opportunity to redeem his only loss of their battles.

“I think for me there is no point [in a fifth fight]. We already achieved the desired result. Then why do it? So I also asked several people, several friends that I have around me and they told me not to do it, that there is no point in a fifth fight. I said before the fourth fight that no matter how this fight ends, there can not be a fifth,” Marquez told Boxing Scene.

If those quotes are correct and Juan Manuel Marquez is indeed ducking a fifth fight against Manny Pacquiao, Marquez will lose a ton of respect around the boxing community. Money certainly would not be a factor in Marquez’ decision to duck Pacquiao and he has already stated that he plans to continue fighting.

So why not accept the biggest payday of your career and take a fifth fight against Manny Pacquiao? We can only think of one reason — steroids.

Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach and the rest of Pacman’s crew have made it clear that they will demand stricter drug testing if the two fighters were to ever meet for a fifth time. This stems from the fact that Juan Manuel Marquez seemed to have gone through puberty all over again leading up to their fourth fight. At 39-years-old, Marquez seemed more ripped and more muscular that ever leading many fans to believe that he was taking some sort of performance enhancer.

We cannot imagine Marquez actually walking away from all of the money that is on the table for a fifth fight against Pacquiao, but if he does we can only assume the worst. It will confirm to us that he is indeed taking some sort of performance enhancer or he has turned into a coward. You can decide which one is more likely.

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13 Comments on Manny Pacquiao Shunned by Juan Manuel Marquez — Steroids to Blame?

  1. Wow! The writer of this article must be losing sleep over the Pac KO!
    So JMM is on steroids because he closed proved once and for all that he is the better fighter? By your “logic” Pac must be on steroids because he turned down drug testing to fight Floyd. JMM said he’d take olympic style drug testing for the 4th fight if Pac agreed to take the same testing and Pac refused!!! Where are your articles calling Pac dirty???

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  2. Steroids….wow the author is retarded, Juan Marquez said that he will take the olympic test in his next fights! dont forget that Manny Pacquiao could not pull a clear win against Marquez even though he was on Steroids,TWICE!the table turns lol

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  3. @the writer:In December you wrote an entire article on how MP should retire and that he has nothing to prove.
    This is actually your quote : “It’s time for Manny Pacquiao to retire. He has nothing left to prove and if he continues to fight, he will continue to get hit with punches he doesn’t see coming. A fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez is pointless and a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be a glorified suicide attempt.” – Brian Ethridge

    Also if he were to accept a fight with JMM you said this : “Anybody who follows boxing knows that fighters never recover from being laid out the way Manny Pacquiao was on Saturday night. Anybody who has followed Manny Pacquiao’s career knows he has been on the decline for several years. Anybody who doesn’t like seeing a pound-for-pound great continue to hurt his legacy by fighting way past his prime knows that it’s time for Pacquiao to retire from the sport of boxing.”

    So I don’t think he is ducking b/c of the accusations of steroids. There is just nothing left to prove, just like you said. MP lost in a clear and convincing fashion.

    The quotes are from article:

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  4. How can one punch decide JMM is the better fighter when he lost the 1st three fights and be was losing the 4th badly before the closed eyed punch. Can you honestly say that the man that lost 3/12 fights out if 4 is the better fighter. Come on man!

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  5. This writer sounds as if he’s related to Pac? or maybe just a simply HATER!

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  6. i get what marquez is saying, best to go out on top, but the writer is right. pacquaio coulda denied marquez his rematches. he gave him 3. and now that he finally wins he wants to run away with his victory and not give pacquiao the same chance that he gave to marquez? thats bullshit in my eyes. pacquiao coulda let marquez whine and bitch and moan about it for the rest of his life and not given him the chance to redeem himself, he owes it to manny to let him try to redeem himself now.

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  7. The writer is a hater! You first need to see if
    Pacquiao is going to be in good conditions to fight again. JMM Won all 4 fights and he doesnt need to prove nothing. He is a true champ, he should fight mayweather again.

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  8. Santosonly, so you want to break down the fights and say PAC won three and a half of the four? If you break the fights by round, then I believe Marquez won more. So it’s ridiculous to say PAC won 3.5 out of 4. Also, PAC didn’t give Marquez 3 rematches, the first was a draw so who’s to say Marquez didn’t give PAC a rematch for the 2nd fight? And the truth is we all know that the first three fights were debatable on who the winner was and the fourth fight was the supposed to be the definitive, once and for all showdown on who was the best. I think we got that. So whats the problem? oh and one more thing, your nonsense about a closed eyed punch is ridiculous! At least we know Marquez rose after every knockdown. Can’t say the same for your guy!

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  9. The first fight was scored wrong, that was the only reason it was a draw instead of a Pacquiao victory, it also could’ve very well been stopped in the first round after the 3rd knockdown. Pac gave JMM a 3 well deserved rematches to avenge his defeats, and he doesn’t want to give Pac the same gesture? Sounds like he fears something, or he knows that it was a lucky punch and wants to continue to feel like it wasn’t. He was clearly losing the fight up until that point so that could be an issue. He also may “say” he’d take Olympic Style blood tests but in reality he’s been advised otherwise. I really think he won with the combination of PEDs and luck. And for the guy that says Pac was taking them, Manny never went thru a transformation like Marquez did, especially in a couple months (after he fought Floyd). He was clearly bigger in the 3rd fight, and in the 4th fight he was CLEARLY stronger. He doesn’t pass the vision test.

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  10. Marquez is a cheat. The article did not even mention Angel Hernandez or what ever name he is going by these days. Hernandez is a convicted Steroids dealer and user. He supplied PEDs to Olympic runners such as Marion Jones and others. There is even a clip on You Tube of this guy injecting himself with steroids. All boxing minds know, that at nearly 40 yrs of age you do not come into the ring ripped and buff. Marquez never looked that way in the past, until he hooked up with Hernandez. They are CHEATS. That “win” in tainted. Its funny even on roids, Manny was still wooping his ass until the lucky shot.

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  11. How in the world could Marquez produce that much power at nearly 40 yrs of age ? The answer Angel Hernandez and PEDs. Marquez has never been able to hurt Manny in any of their 4 previous fights, now at an age where most boxers are on a decline he gets stronger ?? Marquez was obsessed with beating Manny, so much so, that he cheated by hiring a known PEDs dealer.

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  12. Sure pacman chose to fight Marquez and gave Marquez the opportunity but we all know it was because none of pacs “victories” we’re convincing. In fact, most people had Marquez winning two or three of their previous fights! And you pactards act as if pacman turned around and gave Marquez the rematches right away. Marquez had to wait four years for the second fight! So you pactards can be delusional or grow up and accept the facts. and for your notion that Marquez has something to fear, remember he actually fought Mayweather, something that can’t be said about your guy! So yeah, Marquez has earned the right to choose and doesn’t owe PAC anything. I suppose PAC wants Marquez to immediately give him a rematch–like he ever did that. And as for the ped accusations, you pactards can’t see straight and are blinded by your allegience to him. And “pacman was winning the fight,” as if that means something in sports. So we should not allow fourth quarter comebacks or 9th inning rallies? How ridiculous you pactards have become.

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  13. … as far as i am concerned, regardless on what other fans would say, however, it seems to me that the reasons on why Juan Manuel Marquez would not want Manny Pacquiao for a fifth fight is that because despite the posturing of Juan Manuel Marquez, he is still a coward…. please take note of the first DYNAMITE words of Juan Manuel Marquez using his MRS. Marquez as the excuse on the reasons on why he does not want to fight Pacquiao… thereafter, he fight Timothy Bradley, wherein which he lost and again he is on his Sour Graping moods blaming all the judges for his losses…MY QUESTIONS is this ‘Is the attitude of Juan Manuel Marques is something to be emulated by our sons and daughters???,,, as far as i am concerned, IT IS BETTER FOR JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ to just stay retired….

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