Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares Fight Over a Potential Bout

Last week Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions announced that they had sent an offer to Top Rank to make a Donaire-Mares bout a reality. It was not just any offer either, $3 million is how much Golden Boy is willing to pay see this happen. Since that announcement, Mares and Donaire have been going at it via Twitter, though both are claiming to want the fight and denying liability for its delay.

The bad blood is really an extension of a long standing rift between Golden Boy and Top Rank which has prevented their respective fighters from facing each other. Given this fractured relationship, one might think that announcing a contract offer is just a publicity stunt to make GBP out to be the good guys but Schaefer has expressly stated otherwise. He proclaimed in regards to the contract offered,”No catch weights, no bull. This is a serious offer.” He followed by saying, “There’s nothing more I can do to make this fight than to make that kind of serious offer.”

However serious the offer may be, it is likely that neither fighter is fully aware of its details and certain that neither have much to do with its contents or its acceptance or rejection. That has not stopped either of them from arguing about who is to blame on Twitter.

The worst part is that they seem to agree on wanting to fight one another. So we have two top fighters who want to fight each other and are bickering with each other about why they are not fighting each other, a decision they have nearly nothing to do with. Only in boxing.

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